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An experience we will never forget
March 24, 2012

Angkor Borei

The Angkor Borei is a small town in Takeo province, around 80km from Phnompenh. It is said to be the capital of the Funan Empire, which is the “Cradle of Khmer Civilisation”. Much older than Angkor, the Funan empire had its heyday between the 1st and 6th centuries and stretched across a vast area, from South Vietnam through Thailand, down through Malaysia and into Indonesia. Bold, silver and silks were traded in abundance in the kingdom, claimed by Cambodians.


There are no significant temple ruins at Angkor Borei, yet it has a very interesting museum that exhibits artifacts and provides information on recent archaeological excavations in the region.

The hill of Phnom Da, about 20 km from Angkor Borei, is crowned by an impressive brick and sandstone temple dating from the eleventh century (Prasat Angkor period). The temple was built under the reign of King Rudravarman and was dedicated to Hindu God Shiva.


Angkor Borei town is a pleasant and relaxing town of significant cultural and natural beauty. It has scenic rivers and waterways, which is probably why a kingdom that once had its heart here (referred to as Water Chenla).